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Saturday, March 3rd: Grad Fundraiser [02 Mar 2007|10:59pm]
Don't forget about the bottle drive tomorrow at school!
-10am to 3pm.

[11 Nov 2006|05:57pm]

Name: Lara Tataryn

Grade(s): 10 & 11

Advisor: Doman

Favourite Subject(s): Psych and sometimes English

Any in-school clubs, teams, organizations you're involved with?: Enviro Club and used to be in field hockey.

Anything you'd like to say? Pictures you'd like to post, etc?: Ho-ller? This forum seems pretty dead.
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Help me out, school-mates! [14 Sep 2006|03:18pm]

Does anyone know of any business looking for part-time employees???????????
Mill Bay, Cobble Hill, Shawnigan, Duncan?
I checked some Help Wanted ads, but I know that lots of businesses dont even use thoseeee.

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grad campout [06 Sep 2006|02:21pm]

whos going...
and where is it?
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[31 Aug 2006|11:03pm]

I bet you're all pretty excited.
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Ooh La La... #4. Mmm, yeah. [04 Jul 2006|11:38pm]

(This is my zine. I'm posting this here because I am a whore. If you track me down in person, it goes for $1.00. I will throw in a smile for free.)


Sample spread behind this cutCollapse )

Ooh La La #4 is hot off the xerox, and begging to be held in your sweaty, trembling hands. It sports a bubblewrap outer cover, sure to delight all five senses. Within: A Number of Topics Discussed through Illustration and the Written Word, including: passive-aggressive cats; steamy excitement in the dish pit; watermelon as a social lubricant; masterless samurai; & so much more.

Quarter-size, 32 pgs., protected from physical harm by many air-filled plastic bubbles. $2.00 (postage paid) of your national currency in North America, $3.00 international. Copies of Ooh La La #3 are also available for the same price. Pre-arranged trades welcome.


1225 Sutherland Dr.
Cowichan Bay, BC
V0R 1N2

Paypal monies and electromail accepted via: brycewarnes[at]gmail.com


(Cross-posted a tad.)


So? [24 Jun 2006|10:42pm]

Well i figured there was a Pixel one. and i know there were kelsey kids there.
who was at Phaze 2?
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YEAH. [24 Jun 2006|10:36pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Name: Jamie.
Grade(s): 10
Advisor: Carmichael
Favourite Subject(s): Chemistry, English
Any in-school clubs, teams, organizations you're involved with?: Umm. No.
Anything you'd like to say? Pictures you'd like to post, etc?: No.


[09 Jun 2006|05:05pm]

I wan't to hear the pile of work you have to do before the end of the year.
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Grad Trip [23 May 2006|05:58pm]

ATTN: Grads of 07!

Would you be interested in a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico or the Carribean or somewhere hot? I want to hopefully organize a trip there next year! Let me know if you're interested, and ask your friends!

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Car Drop [03 May 2006|08:53pm]


For anybody that missed itCollapse )
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First Issue Issued for the First Time [03 May 2006|04:47pm]
The first issue of the Action Alert has been published and is now in circulation. Written by and for students - and in no way approved or connected to Frances Kelsey Secondary's administration. Pick up your copy wherever fine papers are smuggled.

Also: Due to an editting error, copies from the initial run lack an ass-saving disclaimer (printed below). This will be corrected, hopefully, on all future printings (either by AA staff or other students).

Currently open for submissions for issue two.

The contents of the Action Alert are meant for satirical purposes. The Action Alert is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Frances Kelsey Secondary School. The Action Alert is delicious and nutritious. The Action Alert is filled with lies and deception, just like any self-respecting newspaper.

Thank you. Pleasant studies.
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[04 Mar 2006|08:48am]

March 8th.
Duncan Garage Showroom.
8:00 - 11:00 pm
$8 in advance (available from Angela McDonald, Sean McDonald, Taiyo Galipeau, Paul Jackson, Chris McMullen, Adrian Wardle, Evan Wagstaff, and at Ulla's Bookstore in the Duncan Garage)
$10 at the door.
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End of term/Start of another. [03 Feb 2006|06:01pm]
Is everyone almost finished all their courses?

I hear that we have only 17 weeks in next term!
I fear that the lack of 3 weeks will make a significant difference.
Personally, I never feel really motivated to do any significant amount of work until about week 12.
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[18 Jan 2006|08:52am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

rrrg, i hate the new grad program

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[30 Dec 2005|11:19pm]

Everyone excited for school? :)
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[26 Dec 2005|06:20pm]

Name: andréa campbell

Grade(s): graduated

Advisor: was in leslie's

Favourite Subject(s): ehh, law with rowan, peer counselling, other junk

Any in-school clubs, teams, organizations you're involved with?: former mean girl (or stereotyped as one), hahah... umm was apart of peer counselling stuff, and managed the boys basketball team for one year, good times

Anything you'd like to say? Pictures you'd like to post, etc?: whattttt... no more school sandwich's i hear... boycott the cafe, that's ridiculous
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[14 Dec 2005|08:35pm]

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas,
all through kelsey's halls.
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[09 Dec 2005|07:06pm]

Name: Megan You'llneverknowcreeps!!!!
Grade(s): 12
Advisor: Mr. Tollefson
Favourite Subject(s): Acting, Lit
Any in-school clubs, teams, organizations you're involved with?: Environmental Club
Anything you'd like to say? Pictures you'd like to post, etc?: ummm...Hello. It is nice to meet you
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[06 Dec 2005|09:37pm]

Does anyone else find it funny that the person who started this community doesn't even go to kelsey anymore?
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